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Prescription Services

At WellPharmaRx, we make your health our priority. We serve individuals, families and communities with the purpose of offering the highest quality of personalized pharmacy care. Becoming a customer through continued shopping and support allows our compassionate team of pharmacy experts to continue their trusted process of dispensing prescription medications, medication management and 24-hour delivery.
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Personalized Pharmacy Care


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We help change lives through customers becoming more educated about the drugs they are taking and their use, ensuring that medications are safe, effective, and affordable.

Below are everyday pharmacy services that WellPharmaRx continues to provide individuals and families within your community. Call us today and start making your life easier with WellPharmaRx.
At WellPharmaRx, prescription orders can be either handwritten prescriptions by the doctor or prescriptions sent electronically by the doctor’s office. Our prescription filling process includes 1) input & initial check, 2) therapeutic check, 3) preparation, 4) technical check, and 5) supply and education. If prior authorization is needed, it can take 24-48 hours to complete.
Filling Prescription
New Prescription Fills
Automatic Prescription Refills & Reminders
When you enroll prescriptions into our Automatic Refill Program, we will automatically refill your prescriptions at the appropriate time. We will also contact your doctor to renew an enrolled prescription before the last refill or the prescription is about to expire. You can select which prescriptions to fill automatically. Not all prescriptions may be eligible for our refill service. We send text or email reminders several days prior to your prescription refill date, letting you know that it’s time to refill your prescription(s). If no prior authorization is needed, we can have your prescription refills ready for delivery or pickup.
Prescription Transfers
At WellPharmaRx, we make transferring prescription(s) easy and painless with no downtime for you. Simply call us at 747-224-0091 or stop by our local WellPharmaRx pharmacy location. All you need to do is provide the name of the medication you want to transfer along with the name and phone number of the pharmacy you want to transfer from.
Filling Out Prescriptions
Personalized Medication Consultations
At WellPharmaRx, we have highly-trained pharmacists that offer a free, personalized consultation service on all new and existing medications. Our pharmacist and you will review your medications, discuss the reasons you are taking those medications, potential side effects, and drug interactions to help ensure safe and effective treatment.
Pharmacist Assisting Customer
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Medication Destruction
At WellPharmaRx, we participate in the Drug Take-Back Program through the California Department of Consumer Affairs. We have an on-site drug collection bin where consumers can dispose of unused and/or expired medications for destruction. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration collects & safely disposes of all medications dropped off at our pharmacy location.
Medication Screening
At WellPharmaRx, we offer medication screening to customers which can help in preventive care, including those for blood glucose and pressure readings, cholesterol levels, opioid use disorder, and mental health. Many problems with medicines usage can be avoided by proper screening including making changes to medications or modifying medication where necessary.
Daily Pills
Medication Synchronization ("Med Sync")
At WellPharmaRx, our pharmacist offers medication synchronization, which provides a customer with all their medication doses for the month, in only one visit. Pharmacists calls the customer prior to filling the prescription and review the medication they are set to receive. Many people miss doses of their medications and "Med Sync" can make those people more likely to take them.
Medication Therapy Management ("MTM")
At WellPharmaRx, our MTM services is to help people who use several medications, who have several health conditions and who are taking medications that require close monitoring. The goal of our pharmacist under our MTM service is to make sure that the medication is right for the customer and his or her health conditions and that the best possible outcomes from treatment are achieved.
Prescription Medication
Medication Blister Packaging
At WellPharmaRx, we offer compliance packaging that can simplify your life. We package your medications in a clearly organized and easy-to-read, labeled multi-dose blister pack that helps eliminate any confusion that can come up when taking multiple prescriptions at once. Capsules and tablets are often secured in blister packages, while liquids are usually placed in vials or ampoules.
Medicine Boxes
Specialty Medications
At WellPharmaRx, we are a provider of specialty medications: 1) High Cost Medications including self-administered injectables, professionally administered injectables/ infusions, and oral medications, 2) High Complexity Medications that are included in a specialty therapeutic drug class strategy and 3) High Touch Medications that require temperature control or other special handling requirements (i.e., refrigerated or frozen shipping), used to treat complex conditions.
Medication Color-Coded Rx Labels
At WellPharmaRx, we offer color-coded Rx labels to help improve customer safety. Labels are marked “Morning,” “Midday,” “Evening” and “Bedtime,” creating a personalized prescription schedule to help customers take their medications at the right time. Labels are also available in Spanish. Labels also include a color-coded dosage schedule, larger text for increased readability, easy-to-find prescription information and easy-to-read refill details when needed.
Medication Delivery, 24/7
At WellPharmaRx, we pride ourselves in offering guaranteed medication delivery within 24-hours to your home or place of business from the time your prescriptions are ready. Our 24-hour delivery service operates 24 hours, 7 days per week. You may request 24-hour delivery on all prescriptions for you, your family, and even elderly parents! Structured delivery schedules can also be set up, to be delivered by a certain day, week, or month.
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