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Clinical Pharmacy Services

At WellPharmaRx, we pride ourselves in becoming one of California's top community and Behavioral Health Care Pharmacy that partners with healthcare facilities including behavioral health clinics, recovery addiction centers, assisted living communities, and many more.
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Pharmacy Care


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As a Behavioral Health Care Pharmacy, our clinical pharmacy team has partnered closely with specialized care teams like yours to handle and delivery specialty medications to their patients including 1) High Cost including self-administered injectables, professionally administered injectables/ infusions, and oral medications, 2) High Complexity Medications that are included in a specialty therapeutic drug class strategy and 3) High Touch Medications that require temperature control or other special handling requirements (i.e., refrigerated or frozen shipping, used to treat complex conditions.

Our top-notch clinical pharmacy care team understands the daily medication challenges and chronic conditions that your specialized care team experience, including the obstacles that prevent patients from staying on their treatment program. Because of that, we work closely with each consumers’ care team from medication management to creating tailored delivery schedules that help improve patient outcomes. Partnering with WellPharmaRx can provide an added layer of support while reducing clinic staff burdens and improve outcomes for the patients you serve. We work hard to ensure you’re care teams have access to those specialty medications that they need.  

Below are the Healthcare facilities that WellPharmaRx partners with under their Personalized Pharmacy Care Delivery Program. Under our Personalized Pharmacy Care Delivery Program we offer guaranteed delivery of all High Cost Medications, High Complexity Medications and High Touch Medications 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 
Behavioral Health Clinics
Psychology Session
Recovery Addiction Centers
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Sober Living Homes
Nurse And Patient
Detox Treatment Centers
Assistant Living Communities
Supportive Doctor
Hospice Living Facilities
Substance Abuse Centers
Asian doctor consulting for a senior male patient
Congregate Living Homes
Grandmother and Grandson
Nursing Care Living Facilities
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